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Ararel photography is a Los Angeles based creative photography studio.

The origin of the name comes from the Armenian word ՛՛արար՛՛ or ՛՛արարել"  which means to create.

Narek is the main photographer at Ararel photography.

He  is a professional portrait and commercial photographer with more than 8 years of photography experience and 15 years of background as an artist. His ability to get in touch with people , easy going  attitude and extraordinary sense of humor make the photography process smooth and stressless especially for those of his non model clients who are not used to be in front of the camera a lot.

  His special  methods and tactics to gain a real smile or a genuine laughter and his original way of directions and organic posing make  his work to stand out amongst others. His lighting is unique and dramatic ,

his editing is precise  and  accurate.



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